The GMAP2 Consultative Process

The content of the GMAP2 document will be the result of an extensive consultative process with global, regional and country-level stakeholders from across the RBM constituencies, including Governments, Bilateral & Multilateral Agencies, Foundations, Research & Academia, Civil Society and the Private Sector. Regional consultations are already underway. Plenary presentations, discussions and group work are directly informing the development of the GMAP2. Some of the key areas being covered include how a "business case" can be made for malaria reduction and elimination; how this varies according to the constituency, as well as a country's socio-economic context and its malaria situation. Sessions are also being held on accelerating multisectoral action, engaging the private sector and unleashing the power of civil society to ensure the fight against malaria is won.

Schedule of Regional Consultations March-June 2014

AFRO region  (Francophone) 20-21 March Brazzaville Congo Report
PAHO region 03-04 April Panama City Panama Report
AFRO region  (Anglophone) 10-11 April Harare Zimbabwe Report
EMRO region 17-18 April Casablanca Morocco Report
SEARO region 30 Apr.-1 May New Delhi India Report
WPRO region 12-13 June Manila Philippines Report