The process of developing the second generation Global Malaria Action Plan (GMAP2) for the period 2016-2030 is well underway. The GMAP2 will be a practical, multisectoral, action-oriented document designed to accelerate progress in malaria at global, regional and country levels. It will guide the implementation and financing of malaria reduction and elimination activities on the part of the various Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership constituencies – which include Governments, Bilateral & Multilateral Agencies, Foundations, Research & Academia, the Private Sector and Civil Society. The GMAP2 will showcase innovations in how to engage new stakeholders, mobilize additional resources and overcome common implementation bottlenecks. Moreover, GMAP2 will serve as a major advocacy instrument for the achievement of a malaria-free world.  


Regional and Country Consultations

This is a participatory and inclusive process. Multiple mechanisms are being employed to gather views, information and potential case studies. These include key informant interviews, use of social media, as well as regional and country level consultations

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Participate and Comment

The GMAP2 depends upon the input and feedback of individuals, organizations and consituency representatives. Please get involved by taking the surveys, voting on ideas, and providing comments on the draft document as it develops.


ASTMH follow up: WHO & RBM co-hosted session

Thanks to the collaboration of ASTMH, ImageAV and presenters, MESA is sharing various webcasts from malaria elimination sessions at ASTMH in New Orleans. Watch and listen to 'The Global Technical Strategy for Malaria & the Global Malaria Action Plan 2' session: 

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